About Us

We have hands-on experience in enterprise & deep tech investing, scaling enterprises and platform/product companies. We are also backed by serial entrepreneurs who have a stellar investment track record through the PE/VC space.

We fervently believe that the Indian technology ecosystem has evolved to now produce globally scalable Enterprise software companies.

We typically want to invest in ventures with technology products focused on reinventing how Enterprises work – with a strong platform orientation, layering of Deep Technology and an acute understanding of Enterprise needs. 

These companies should have a settled business model and some Enterprise customers, having crossed the early stages of building the venture.

Our team, expertise and capital are geared to accelerate their growth journey.

We consider that building a world-class Enterprise business takes time and patience. It requires founders to be invested for the long-term, to be keen on continuous learning and to believe in principled growth. Best fit founders will combine these traits with customer-centricity and a bias towards action.